Anthony Bourdain wants to “feed the mind and the gut” on his new series The Mind of a Chef, which is primed to be the next step in his path to total food-media domination. Having conquered the written word with and without art, Travel Channel, and book publishing, he has moved on to cable news—and now public broadcasting.

In the series, Bourdain is the omniscient narrator, accompanying chef-buddy David Chang to various spots around the world with a motley crew of actors, chefs, and personalities like Aziz Ansari, Ferran Adrià, and Wylie Dufresne.

Premiering on November 9, the inaugural season will feature a different theme with each episode. There is “Memory Lane,” in which Chang returns to the ramen shop he had apprenticed; in “Rotten,” he aims to reframe the value of rot in food. As a whole, the show is meant to “make connections between food and nature, science, music, art, sports, history, and pretty much anything else a renowned chef can stir up.”

[via YouTube/ZPZnetwork]