There is a fine science to making sandwiches: A wrong or missing component can throw off the entire production.

Thankfully, Men’s Health has compiled all the tips and ingredients necessary to help you make sandwiches you can be proud of. There is a Mark Bittman-curated list of “25 Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys,” along with breakdowns of sandwiches for occasions that matter: Breakfast, Post-Drinks, and National Grilled Cheese Day.

There is even an interactive “Sandwich Builder” that allows you to choose the type of bread (pita to sprouted wheat), fillings (standard deli stuff), vegetables (fresh, roasted, or pickled), dairy (cheeses and egg), and condiments you want. You can choose all or just one—we know that because we tried ticking off all the breads available. The builder will indulge your wildest fancy. Once you’re done, you can name your sandwich and peep how the nutritional stats break down.

[via Men’s Health]