While monks (and Guinness advocates) have done a good job branding beer as liquid bread, it’s not actually advisable to subsist solely on flagons of ale at meal times. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate beer into everything you eat and still live a respectable existence.

To help you out, the kitchen aces over at Saveur compiled an Oktoberfest-inspired feast that uses beer as a central ingredient in every dish. Some of our favorites from the list:

  • Chicken in Beer: A rich stew that calls for mushrooms, bacon, and plenty of beer, perfect for a cold fall day. If you say it three times in a row real fast, Ludacris might apparate to your kitchen.
  • Beer-Battered Fish Tacos: There is perhaps no better hand-held meal than a crispy fish taco with all the fixings, including shredded cabbage and crema.
  • Stout Ice Cream: All it takes are six ingredients for the perfect adult dessert. The bitterness of a stout compliments cold sweetened cream so well that it may change your mind about favorite ice cream flavors.

[via Saveur]