To promote its handmade pan pizza, Domino’s will be giving away free slices today from noon to 2 p.m. (local time).

A half million pizza slices are slated for the giveaway, but taking into consideration that the bounty will be split amongst all the participating locations, you might not want to scrap your plans for lunch altogether. Only 100 slices will be handed out at each location.

First a new takeout box, now free pizza. In the battle of the pizza chains, Domino’s seems to stay gunning for that #1 spot. And let’s be real: If you illegally pirate a copy of Taylor Swift’s new album after picking up your gratis slice, you’ve essentially nabbed this Papa John’s deal for free.

Serious Eats might advise against that though, having given the Domino’s Handmade pies a pretty tough review (not sure how they feel about Taylor Swift). The tasters found that the pizza lacked in crispness. SE also thought the texture was more akin to fast food pastry than pizza crust, with little pan pizza flavor.

Then again, free is free. Find the nearest Domino’s location here.

[via HuffPost Food]