To Nets fans, there a few concession stands to watch out for at your team’s new home this season. Bloomberg restaurant critic Ryan Sutton recently checked out the fare at Barclays Center and some of what he came across doesn’t sound all that appetizing.

Whereas the offerings at Barclays Center may try to evoke an Empire State of mind, Sutton found most of the fare — though admirable in its tribute to Kings County—uneven in execution.

Favorites like Calexico and Fatty ‘Cue seemed to suffer from the transition to the big stage, producing drippy salsa, bland “ice-cream like paste” guacamole, and “over-sauced meats” on “thick slabs of dry bread.” And the local beer that has been widely touted proved difficult to come by—Sutton embarked on a concerted suds mission each of the two times he visited, but ended up finding more Bud than Sixpoint.

One of the items Sutton did enjoy was the Cuban ($12.50) from Cafe Habana, which is “everything this sandwich should be, a leftover mash of pulled pork, gooey Swiss cheese, ham and pickle.”

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]