When the hype around the alleged bacon shortage hit, a mock public service announcement seemed liked the only natural response. Ron Swanson of NBC’s Parks and Recreations came through with the video below, showing viewers how to cope in the event of a shortage. His strategy is twofold: 1) “Procure as much bacon as humanly possible; and 2) “Hide it in as many locations as you can.” He admits to having 38 “secret” locations at his office.

For those who haven’t followed his career, Swanson’s PSA isn’t without its roots. Check out some of the character’s other key insights about bacon over the years:

  • On vegan bacon: If he sees it, he’ll just throw it in the trash.
  • On bacon with eggs: “I worry what you just heard was ‘give me a lot of bacon and eggs.’ What I said was ‘give me all the eggs and bacon you have.”
  • On bacon wrapped around shrimp: “That’s my number one favorite food wrapped around his number three favorite food.”
  • On bacon as a trail snack: “I ate it already… I could smell it in your purse, before I even parked my car. And now it’s gone and I hate everything.”
  • On bacon as slam-poetry muse: Lines are blurred between actor and character when Nick Offerman performs a poem about bacon.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc6PMCx36Qw&w=460&h=345]