If you’re not waiting until 2013 to focus on life improvement again, here’s the game plan: Load up on two extra servings of fruits and vegetables to the five you’ve been recommended.

According to a joint study by University of Warwick and Dartmouth College, those who have seven servings of fruit and vegetables daily experience higher levels of overall mental well-being.

The difference in the effects of eating five versus seven servings is significant. The finding is based on surveys that looked into the diets of 80,000 people in the UK. Researchers designed the surveys to correlate fruit-and-vegetable intake with “life satisfaction, mental well-being, presence of mental disorders, self-reported health, happiness, nervousness, and how often they ‘feel low’.”

The journal Social Indicators Research will publish joint study “Is Psychological Well-being Linked to the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables?” in an upcoming issue.

[via The Atlantic]