We are not the first people to discover Stew Leonard’s, a supermarket mini-chain with four locations in Connecticut and New York. In fact, the place is pretty legendary: Celebrity endorsements have come from the likes of Bobby Flay and Jimmy Fallon. The aisles are filled with animatronic characters—like Twinkie the Kid and the Chiquita banana—that sing and dance. And the New York Times once called it “the Disneyland of Dairy Stores” due to its unfathomable milk and cheese operation, which Ripley’s Believe It or Not! deemed the “World’s Largest Dairy.”

This weekend, we found ourselves at the gargantuan Norwalk, CT location while touring some of the area’s finest chili-dog purveyors. Suffice to say, our minds were blown. As we wandered through the aisles, slack-jawed from the sheer bounty, we couldn’t help but feel bad for all the New Yorkers stocking up for Sandy at struggle supermarkets around the city.

We snapped some crappy cell-phone shots long the way, but we hope the epic-ness they portray overwhelms the poor quality. At any rate, we felt like sharing. Stay safe!

Click through the gallery above to see first-hand how Stew Leonard’s stunts on all other grocery stores.