Along with the deep-fried and heavily sauced, Guy Fieri’s new restaurant (heretofore GAK+B) is packed with bruh patois. A peep at the menu reveals all the imprints of the amiable Food Network host’s Cali upbringing, bromances, and travels around the U.S., looking for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. 

GAK+B is his first venture—a 2.0 version of Johnny Garlic’s in Santa Maria—in NYC and just as he remains unwavering in his right to swap C’s for K’s and pun like it’s 1999, local reviews have expectedly called him out for familiar offenses.

Still no online mob has yet to protest against Fieri’s frequent usage of fat-on-fat- on-fat when Paula Deen has been pilloried for her high-calorie recipes.

“Du-ude, so not kewl!” his fans may object. Hey, we’re just sayin’…

[via: Eater NYC, menu]