Throughout history, the wealthy have reveled in festive gluttony. The Romans were all about excess, serving guests whole boiled calves stuffed with pig and lamb. Henry VIII threw lavish parties with disturbing amounts of food, and King George IV once had a four-foot-tall Turkish mosque constructed entirely out of marzipan at a banquet where 127 dishes were served.

But gluttony is most definitely not a thing of the past—the only difference is, nowadays, decadence has trickled down to the masses, with disgustingly gluttonous dishes popping up on menus at four-star restaurants and fast-food chains alike. Creations like the Fleurburger 5000, the Oki-Dog, and the KFC Double Down may have made those ancient Romans blush.

Needless to say, we’re all for indulgence from time to time. But as the onslaught of fat-kid mashups and mook bait continues, it’s hard not to wonder if all this excess may eventually tear away at the very fabric of society.

Here, we take a look at the most disgustingly over-the-top food and drink in modern times. What do you think—is this evolution, or the beginning of the end?