Tity Boi is all about eating well—case in point: his #MealTime cookbook—but this video from GQ’s “Most Expensivest Sh*t” series takes it to a new level.

Deemed the world’s most expensive burger by the Guinness Book of World Records, Serendipity 3’s “Le Burger Extravagant” is priced at $295.

As 2 Chainz puts it,

“This burger right here costs more than your iPhone.”

What exactly makes the burger so #luxe? Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb truffle butter, heirloom tomato ketchup, 18-month old cheese aged in a cave, Beluga caviar, shaved Italian black summer truffles, a quail egg, a gold and diamond toothpick, and—here’s the kicker—a 24-karat gold-dusted bun.

“What the hell? You can eat gold?” asks 2 Chainz. Uh, yeah.


Watch Tity Boi sink his teeth into the monstrosity—which requires 48-hour notice to prepare, because all ingredients have to be flown in.

“This burger was more than food, this was an experience for me,” he says, challenging his own personal chef to match the quality and start aging ingredients in caves. “My life is changed.”

[via Eater, GQ]

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