It’s a time-honored New York City tradition to go completely apeshit at any hint of inclement weather, and raiding the nearest Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods/Citarella is always the first order of business.

In most parts of the country where winter exists, people go through this ritual as well, but they are practical in their purchasing decisions: Bread and milk go first, followed by all the salty snacks, beer, wine, and liquor. New Yorkers, on the other hand, emergency shop as if they are getting stocking up for the world’s longest dinner party, beelining for the artisan cheeses, throwing ‘bows in the gluten-free aisles, and making sure there’s enough high-grade bacon on hand to tackle Dave Chang’s pork dashi recipe.

If you need one single piece of evidence to reflect the current state of NYC culture, it’s that it is all but impossible to get your hands on any kale right now in the city. That’s right: New Yorkers are bracing for #Snowmageddon2015 by buying all the kale (as well as the kombucha, natch).

Tasting Table editor-in-chief (and legendary nacho eater) tipped us off to this dire state of affairs last night:

She also added:

Even New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz is experiencing the struggle.

And around Twitter, the great kale binge of 2015 spread like wild fire:

Ish just got real… They’re out of kale!!!!! #Snowmageddon2015 #snowpocalypse #snowday

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But some people have different priorities:

Rest assured, NYC. Other Northeast residents in the path of the storm feel your pain:

Only time will tell if a lucrative black market for kale will emerge in the coming days. Until then, we think Robicelli’s Bakery has a better plan: