There’s a sizable community of pizza obsessives out there in the world, for whom the search for the perfect pie is a lifelong journey. Somewhere along the path from normal human being to pizza fanatic, the stereotypical pizza lover gets heavy into collecting pizza gadgets.

If you count yourself as a pizza freak, consider this your lucky day. We’ve rounded up the best pizza gizmos and gadgets that you can buy online right now, from Homer Simpson talking pizza cutters to pizza ice cream cone makers.

Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter


These adorable bike pizza cutters are an essential for any cyclist or pizza obsessive. Your hipster Fixie fanatic buds will go crazy when you pull this out at your next pizza party, and your pizza memorabilia collector friends will simply pee themselves. The cutter features double-sharp cut discs for precise cutting. The bikes come in two colors: Watermelon (mint and pink) and Bumblebee (black and yellow). [Photo:]

Available for $18 on

Pizza Ice Cream Cone Set


Now you can serve personalized pizzas shaped like ice cream cones to your dinner guests. The set includes all the tools, nonstick molds, and stands you need to bake these cone-shaped pies in the oven or even on the grill. Foods shaped like other foods really are the best—plus look at all that cheese! [Photo: The Green Head]

Available for $21 on Amazon.

The Pizza Ax


Who doesn’t want to look like an Italian lumberjack? No one, that’s who. This heavy-duty, stainless steel pizza cutter, created by Decor Craft Inc., will cut through the heartiest of crusts. [Photo: DCI]

Available for $11 on Amazon.

Pizza Scissors + Spatula


Finally, pizza shears and a wedge-shaped spatula in one. The “pizza pro” enables you to cut and serve perfect slices one-handed every single time, without ever losing precious toppings. [Photo: This Is Why I’m Broke]

Available for $15 on Amazon.

Perfect Pizza Rolling Mat


If the fact that most of your homemade pizzas come out looking like a weird amoeba bothers you, it might be time to invest in a Perfect Pizza Rolling Mat. The mat will guide you in making perfect 8″, 10″, 12″ or 14″ pizzas. You can also use this awesome mat when rolling out pie crust. [Photo:]

Available for $30 on

Pizza Grill Insert

kettle It’s about to be summer, and you need to be outside grilling pizzas. The KettlePizza Kit transforms your Weber kettle grill into a pizza-cooking machine, and works with both charcoal or hardwood. Serious Eats says, “if you are looking for a Neapolitan-type crust and want a moderate edge over what a home oven can do for you, this might not be a bad option.” [Photo: Kettle Pizza]

Available for $145 on Amazon.

Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter


This pizza cutter’s laser/flashlight scope attachment projects a line onto your pizza, so you can achieve straight cuts every time. Never eat a wonky pizza slice again. [Photo: Think Geek]

Available for $30 on Think Geek.

Pizza Pi Cutter


Think about the area of the pizza pie you’re about to eat while slicing it with a π. Two stainless steel blades of pizza cutting fury are attached to the pi symbol. No math skills required. [Photo: Mental Floss]

Available for $25 on Amazon.

Homer Simpson Talking Pizza Cutter


Hear Homer express his love for pizza while your cutting your own pie at home. Homer will tell you things like, “The most beautiful word in the English language—pizza.” [Photo: Entertainment Earth]

Available for $50 on Amazon.

GreenBox Pizza Box


This environmentally-friendly take-away pizza box easily transforms into dinner plates, plus a smaller box for a leftover slice. This is one pizza box re-design we can get behind in a big way. Buy some of these bad boys for your next outdoor dinner party and watch your guests “ooh” and “aah.” [Photo: Green Box NY]

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