The food world is a fickle one. One day, chefs are going out and foraging algae, mushrooms, insects, and other post-apocalyptic grub for their fine-dining meals. The next, they’re picking up arms and shooting their supper. Just when you think that you’ve gotten a handle on what’s trending—it’s all about pickles and kale, right?—folks like us tell you no, dumbass, it’s fermentation and kohlrabi greens.

While staying on top of the changing fashions of the dining scene can be exhausting, this frenetic evolution brings plenty of upside for curious eaters. It means, for example, that an addictive, crazy-creative version of a usually trashy bar snack—fried pickles!—is coming to a watering hole near you. And that, late at night, when you’re stumbling home drunk—but not so drunk that your culinary standards have abandoned you completely—you can score a serious bowl of ramen at a pop-up noodle bar run by an award-winning chef. It also means that, in a world where soda is the enemy and the powers that be are actually trying to ban it, drink mavens are coming up with new formulas for ginger beer, egg creams, phosphates, and other upgraded beverages that’ll make you burp to great new heights.

Well, aren’t you curious yet? Here, we delve into the top 10 dining trends of the moment, coming soon to a restaurant/bar/soda fountain/bakery near you.

Written by Gabriella Gershenson (@gabiwrites)