Around this time last year, news broke that Chilean researchers working on a vaccine to treat alcoholism. Scientists at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Chile as well as private lab Recalcine sought to counterbalance a “group of enzymes that metabolize alcohol.” Now, acording to The Santiago Times, the Universidad de Chile is preparing to launch a preclinical trial for the vaccine next month. 

The way it works boils down to the manipulation of RNA: “The so-called anti-aldh2 antisense RNA acts as a messenger to tell the liver not to express genes that metabolize alcohol.” This means that a person who has been vaccinated will likely experience a very painful hangover as part of the strategy to “discourage consumption.” If the preclinical trial is successful, phase one of the near seven-month-long study will take place in India, where volunteers will be vaccinated. 

[via The Santiago Times]