The Le Clos wine shop in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport is selling “the world’s most expensive bottle of red wine to ever be retailed,” (according to the press release). The wine shop is selling three Balthazars (12-liter bottles) of Château Margaux 2009 for the ridiculous price of $195,000 each, reports Eater.

This is the first time in the history of Château Margaux vineyard that Balthazars have been bottled. “The 2009 vintage, which can be aged for over a century, is widely reputed to be one of the best vintages ever produced by Château Margaux,” according to the press release.

If you purchase the pricey Balthazar, you will not only receive the bottle of wine, you will be flown first class to France to visit the first growth’s estate, and go on a private tour of its cellars and vineyard, before having dinner at the Château. Sounds tempting?

Well, just to put it in perspective, here are some other things $195,000 will get you:

I guess it just all depends where your priorities lie.

[via Eater]

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