This woman has gone where no other human has gone before; she consumed 28 cans, or almost two gallons, of Red Bull in one day.

Lena Lupari, mother of three and full-on Red Bull addict, reached 350-pounds after her addiction to the sugary energy drink took a major toll on her decision-making abilities. 

Lupari would spend up to £6,000 ($9,375) a year to fund her addiction, consuming over 3,000 calories from the drink daily. The intense amount of caffeine finally took over when the mother collapsed in June of this year. According to The Daily Mail, doctors found she had a condition known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), which resulted from her incredible weight gain.

Lupari claims that she has already begun losing her vision as a result of her Red Bull addiction. Doctors warned Lupari that she would go blind from brain swelling if she did not tackle her weight head-on. Now, she must lose seven stone (almost 100 pounds) to combat the side effects of the drink. Lupari plans to move to England for a gastric band operation where she hopes the UK National Health Service will cover the cost of her surgery.

In order for a person to die from a Red Bull overdose, 120 cans would have to be consumed. Red Bull issued a statement claiming that no more than five 250ml cans should be consumed per day; otherwise, drinkers will have nasty caffeine-fueled side effects. Someone should probably tell that to Riff Raff.

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