According to a study of 10,000 professionals, the most coffee-obsessed field is journalism.

The survey, conducted by the UK-based press company Pressat, shows that 70% of respondents feel their working ability is at least partially reliant on their daily cup of coffee.

Unsurprisingly, those with jobs classified as stressful (i.e., journalists, police officers, and teachers) reported the highest amount of coffee consumption—as much as four cups per day.

Here are the rankings of the most coffee-mad professions:
1) Journalists and media staff
2) Police officers
3) Teachers
4) Plumbers and trade workers
5) Nurses and medical staff
6) Company executives
7) Telesales
8) IT technical support
9) Retail staff
10) Drivers

Out of the participants, 85% said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day. While the report did not reveal the methodology, it stressed coffee’s potential health risks such as strokes, anxiety, and cardiovascular problems.

*Ignores that last part, grabs third cold brew of the morning*

[via Eater]