Smelling like beer is usually something that marks you as a hobo or a college student, though that might be because you smell like a cheap beer. But what if you wafted aromas of banana and clove from your flowing locks? You might be able to achieve that dream if you swap Head & Shoulders for this wheat-beer shampoo from German designer Frank Leder.

Leder uses natural products, like plants and herbs, to craft his formulas, many of which “are handed down from Austrian artisans.” Perhaps the shampoo is not so crazy when you consider the Austrian tradition of beer spas, where you soak in tubs of brew to fortify the skin. At very least, it’s got to be a better bet than whiskey- and Dominos-scented cologne.

Buy a bottle at Neighbour for $55, then rub some hops behind your ears to complete the effect.

[via Gear Patrol]