So this is how the world ends—not with a bang, but with a coffee-pod alien invasion. At least, that’s the premise of Kill The K-Cup, a two-and-a-half minute satirical horror film by Canadian agency Egg Studios, which highlights the ecological impact of all those disposable plastic tubs.

According to the Kill The K Cup campaign website, the Keurig Green Mountain company produced 8.3 billion coffee pods last year—enough to wrap around the earth 10.5 times. And while other coffee pod makers such as Tassimo, Mars Drinks, Nespresso, and Illy have recycling programs through TerraCycle, only 5% of Keurig pods are made of recyclable plastic, says the site’s petition page.

That’s a lot of unnecessary waste that’s going into landfill, unnecessary because there are plenty of other ways to brew a cup of coffee that a) taste better, and b) don’t result in billions of non-biodegradable bits of garbage each year. But the popularity of single-serve coffee pods continues to grow. According to Quartz, sales have tripled since 2011, and K-Cups alone account for a quarter of the U.S. ground-coffee market.

So it looks like coffee pods are here to stay, but hopefully not in the ground. Keurig says it’s aiming to make it’s K-Cup packs 100% recyclable by 2020, and Mother Jones reports that the Canterbury Coffee company has created a pod that’s 92% biodegradable. And the taste thing? Well, they’re still working on that one.

[via Foodiggity]