Craft beer has expanded its reach impressively in recent years, but it’s rarely the beneficiary of celebrity endorsements. Unlike major spirits brands, small brewers don’t have the money to pay people to shill for their wares, and for whatever reason, no one seems to declare a deep love for IPAs and porters on network TV like they do for chefs and restaurants.

And so it was with great surprise that we happened upon this clip from the Rachael Ray Show, in which Portlandia star Fred Armisen gifts her a bottle of Rogue’s Voodoo Donut Maple Bacon Ale and she declares, “I love Rogue!”

Ray goes on to say, “I’m going to bring this home; we’re going to have this tonight. It sounds delicious—maple bacon ale? YUM. Yeah, you could drink that at breakfast, people. Yes you could.”

Rachael Ray, a craft-beer lover. Who knew.

[via Beer Street Journal]