Wade Boggs, noted moms-jean wearer and chivalrous spirit, was a very good baseball player. The 56-year-old Hall-of-Famer played 18 seasons in Major League Baseball, winning 5 batting titles, appearing in 12 All-Star Games, and snagging one World Series ring.

He was also a legendary beer drinker. The most famous story about Boggs’ prodigious consumption concerned his regularly downing 50-60 beers during cross-country flights. Retired relief pitcher Jeff Nelson has claimed he’d see him do it frequently. But Boggs appeared on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption” in 2006 and addressed the hosts’ question that on one trip he drank 64, saying, “No, it’s not true. It wasn’t 64.” However, he didn’t technically deny the story.

It’s Always Sunny cast member Charlie Day then appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night to explain that, actually, Boggs did drink that much—and then some. While Boggs was filming an episode in which the show’s characters try to replicate his feat, he pulled Day aside and told him the number he drank on one particular road trip was 107.

Esquire‘s Ryan Bort seems convinced:

If we are to believe what Nelson said about Boggs being able to routinely knock back 50 or 60, it stands to reason that at his absolute peak, on that one magical road trip out of hundreds when he was really in the zone, 107 could have been possible. We’re going to go ahead and choose to believe it’s true.

Day did qualify that Boggs’ boozing occurred over an entire day and not just in-flight. Still: that’s insane. And if Boggs did indeed drink that much beer in one day, he consumed more than what the heaviest American drinkers put down in one week.

[via Esquire]