Not sure if saying this will get us in hot water or not, but it seems to be a decent generalization: While the craft-beer community is (generally) eager, friendly, gracious, and fun-loving, humor is not its strongest suit. Sure, there are amusing beer labels and brewery hijinks that cause a chuckle from time to time, but attempts at beer-nerd humor are often, well, pretty nerdy and awkward.

This week, three beer humor pieces came across our radar. Do you think any of them buck the trend? Which is your favorite?

1) Welcome to My Nanobrewery

Over at McSweeney’s, Jenny Shank drops a Portlandia-esque sendup of breweries that are too small even for the microbrewery designation. Here’s an exceprt:

Right now my thing is super small batch one-off IPAs. I brew them from the tears of Trappist monks in these eyedroppers, or “nano-growlers,” if you will. No, you don’t drink it. You just squirt it in your eye.

2) Shit Beer Geeks Say

Did the “Shit X Say” meme just make it to Australia? Apparently so…

3) “Started Sipping Cider”

We can’t not give props to a craft-beer spoof of a Drake song. But is it funny?