The two geniuses behind Kuma Films created this short MMD (that’s mixed martial drinks) masterpiece, starring Po Sheng Hsu as The Bartender.


Here, the art is in the drink making. Po Sheng Hsu’s amazing coordination and flow are everything.


It’s clear this guy has more in common with Bruce Lee than just that bumblebee onesie.

According to Popular Mechanics, there’s actually a decent amount of documentable neuroscience involved with extremely coordinated moves like Lee’s and Hsu’s.

Basically, your brain continually adapts to new demands you place on it, so the more you practice highly-coordinated skills like jeet kune do or extreme bartending, the more your brain changes itself to make your moves flow better. It’s more than just muscle memory—it’s your brain rewiring itself.


So watch, learn, and drink. Then start training tomorrow.

[via NextShark]

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