For decades since its 1925 debut, The New Yorker magazine has come up with amusing, ironic, and sometimes iconic covers month after month.

The cover of the November 2014 food issue, titled “Hip Hops,” wittily depicts the Brooklyn craft beer scene. Artist Peter de Sève aimed to “capture the appropriate seriousness with which beer is handled these days by many Brooklyn restaurants and the people who dine in them,” according to The New Yorker.

There are lots of details to pick up on in the image:yesss

1. Communal tables: A fixture at Brooklyn beer bars and restaurants. Communal tables allow you to sit cheek to cheek with the beer nerd next to you, so your life can feel like a continuous subway ride. Remember, folks: space is a luxury, even in Brooklyn.

2. iPhone ready to snap a burger shot: Make sure all your Instagram followers know you’re feasting on a dry-aged Pat LaFrieda burger, and washing it down with a Saison Dupont.

3. Fancy glassware: You wouldn’t drink a Pilsner in a pint glass, would you?

4. Beer sommelier: Check out how the waiter is presenting the glass to the customer, as the customer swishes the beer around in his mouth like he would a fancy California cab. Also, the towel-over-the-arm is a nice touch. Note: The beer label design is obviously referencing some tropes: illustrated, colorful, exotic. Is the server holding a bottle of Dogfish Theobroma? Possibly.

5. Typical Brooklynite: Neck tattoo? Check. Plugs? Check. Tight fitting black t-shirt? Check.

6. Man bun: The man-bun is alive and well and going strong in Brooklyn. Seriously, there’s even a NY Mag article about it.

7. Facial hair: Craft-beer enthusiasts often have awesome facial hair—specifically beards.

[via The New Yorker]

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