Any American over the age of 18 that has ever been outside of the United States knows the glories of drinking outdoors. Whether you’re hanging out in London’s Trafalgar Square sipping a can of Carling or tossing back classy bottles of wine in Paris’ Tuileries Garden, drinking outside can be beautiful, romantic, refreshing, and in the case of America, very illegal.

Last weekend, Brokelyn, Brooklyn’s local broke-kid culture blog, published an article on how to get away with drinking outdoors in this lovely country where public alcohol consumption is illegal. They gave two easy steps:

Step 1: Pour your beverage into a nondescript container such as a cup, water bottle, 7-Up bottle, Cherry 7-Up bottle, goblet, novelty miniature baseball cap, CamelBak, camel toe, canteen or Hemingway-esque wine skin. Anything at all that is not its original container. 

Step 2: Drink outdoors.

While the folks over at Brokelyn aren’t necessarily wrong, they’re outdoor drinking tips are rather, how do we put it, lame. And kind of gross. Camel toe? Really? Everyone knows you can pour your booze into a soda bottle and act like a badass, but there are much better ways—not to mention more creative ways—to get your drink on in public without getting caught or feeling like you’re back in high school.

We’ve compiled a list of the best accessories on the market for hidden public drinking, from strap-on beer bellies to boxed wine hand bags. Think of this as a prevention guide to getting slapped with a $20 open container violation while trying to have a cute date with your girlfriend on The High Line and share a bottle of wine.

Click through the gallery to see the most inventive accessories that’ll enable you to do some hassle-free public drinking. But please, drink responsibly. 

[via Brokelyn]