Starbucks is everywhere, and there’s often huge lines at the coffee chain’s 23,187 stores.

Nevertheless, holiday sales for Starbucks were slow last year, reports Marketwatch. Why? At the holidays, more and more people are shopping for gifts online.

That’s why Starbucks is offering its first-ever “Free Drinks for Life” promotion this holiday season.


Starbucks Corporate Chief Executive Howard Schultz spoke to Marketwatch about the contest:

“When we finished last year’s Christmas we immediately began the effort to transform and reimagine this year’s holiday. I’m talking about really rebuilding it from the ground up. Starbucks has a unique giftable item. We sold over one billion gift cards last holiday season. Every time you buy or gift a Starbucks card, embedded in it is an opportunity for 10 people in North America to win Starbucks for life.

Here’s how it works: anyone who swipes a Starbucks gift card between December 2 through December 25th is eligible to win one of 10 lifetime Starbucks cards. You’re also eligible if you pay using your mobile device, according to the press release.

starbucks 2

Starbucks Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer Sharon Rothstein said in a release,

“What could be bigger this holiday than winning Starbucks for Life?  This is the first time we have ever offered customers something of this magnitude and what better way than to anchor it with our renowned Starbucks Card program. This giveaway is poised to bring great excitement and fun to our customers during this special time of the year,”

One important thing to note: according to Starbucks, a “lifetime” is actually only 30 years. But if you’re a Starbucks fan, are you really going to complain about 30 years of free Starbucks drinks?


In other Starbucks news, the chain plans to unveil its new Chestnut Praline Latte for holiday coffee-beverage fans.

If that’s not enough excitement, Bux is also rolling out a mobile order-and-pay system in Portland, OR before the end of the year. This system will allow you to place an order via phone app, then pick it up at your chosen Starbucks location. The chain plans to make this program available nationwide in 2015.

We think that if the app has all your personal info and relays it to your chosen Starbucks, no one will be able to complain about baristas getting their name wrong anymore.

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