Trying to figure out what to drink the morning of a hangover is serious business. A lot of people stick with the tricks they learned in college, like pounding a few Gatorades before eating the greasiest meal within stumbling distance. Those who believe they have evolved into classier lushes reach for some coffee, but if they feel really bad they might say to hell with the Chemex pourover and just throw on the Mr. Coffee Machine.

But according to a new study from scientists at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China, the best option is actually Sprite. The Daily Mail shares the scientific finding of the researchers, who tested 47 beverages—including herbal teas and different types of soda—and found that the lemon-lime pop is the most effective in helping the body break down alcohol.

So next time you wake up feeling like you blacked out and got into a bar fight with Floyd Mayweather, grab a Sprite and everything will be all good. You’ll probably feel as refreshed and awesome as those dudes from the commercial who dive into the basketball court and turn it into a pool.*


While Sprite came out on top, some of the drinks in the study, including “a herbal drink made with hemp seeds,” actually prolonged the chemical reaction that leads to the breakdown of alcohol. So this confirms what we all knew already: Don’t wait until you feel like death to try and be more healthy. Instead get an enormous bacon-and-egg sandwich and drink soda all day.

* Disclaimer: We are not saying you should dive into a basketball court when you’re hungover. But maybe do try drinking some Sprite, and see if it works.

[via Daily Mail]