The Green Man pub in Wellington, New Zealand is adding a protein-packed new brew to its line up, just in time for local craft beer fest Beervana.

The beer is called Stag Semen Stout, and it features unique product from a Geraldine sire stag called Lagoon.

green man stag semen stout

As Green Man co-owner Steve Drummond told,

“It’s export-quality semen, we only deal with the best.” 

Special care is being taken to preserve the stout’s uniquely creamy qualities, including using a handpump rather than force carbonation.

Drummond elaborated, saying, “There’s only one way to serve semen stout and that’s handpulling it.”

Sea men

This isn’t the first time the Green Man has served semen. Back in 2011, the bar served up apple-infused horse semen shots, while in 2013, full syringes of stag semen from another Geraldine stag called Hannibal were available for purchase.

Choice Bros, the local brewery that Green Man teamed up with to create the semen beer, hadn’t previously dealt in man (or horse, or deer) milk before. Brewer Kerry Gray said,

[pullquote]”I think [Drummond had] heard we’d done some interesting beers in the past. We ummed and ahhhed, it could be good press or it could be bad press, but we thought why not.”[/pullquote]

YOLO, Green Man.