Finally, Brian Wilson, Rick Ross, and Baron Davis have a craft beer they can rep with pride. Yes, the inspiration for an upcoming batch of beer brewed by Rogue Ales will be the beard.

The idea originally began as a joke when Oregon-based brewery was thinking of new sources for yeast. “Hey, why not look for a different place that might have some yeast in it,” said Rogue Ale president Brett Joyce on KPTV.

A lab guy took a swabbed sample from brewmaster John Maier’s beard and was able to extract a yeast cell from his efforts. Maeir hasn’t done any significant shaving since 1978.

Rogue Ales has been known to explore outside of the flavor canon with ingredients like chipotle, bacon, and soba. Human facial hair is a first.

“You’re not really drinking a beard. You’re drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast that comes from a beard,” Joyce explained.

When asked about how his beard affects the beer’s taste, Maier noted that it had some nice spices, saying, “It’s gentle and expressive at the same time.”

The beard beer will not be made avaliable to the public until 2013. At that point, it will surely give these weird beers a run for their money.

[via SFist]