Sometimes, it can start to feel like Colorado is just rubbing its legal marijuana laws in our faces. Not only can you blaze with a brew in the Centennial State, but Oskar Blues Brewery also just released a weed-inspired beer called Pinner Throwback IPA.

A pinner, according to the Cannabist’s glossary, is a “thin joint low on marijuana content.” And at 4.9% ABV, Pinner IPA counts as a session beer that’s low in alcohol content. If you’re too trashed to catch that reference, the online description calls Pinner IPA “the perfect beer for a little sip, sip, give.” If you still don’t get it, the can actually says “Can I be blunt?” on it.

Oh yeah, and this:

They should have just printed “Psst! We’re talking about weed! High five!” on the can. But even if Oskar Blues wasn’t bludgeoning us over the head to make sure we’re in on the joke, you might very well have cracked it open and noticed that the beer smells remarkably like Bud bud.

There’s a horticultural explanation for that green scent. According to Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis, cannabis and hop plants are actually related. “They’re both in the family of cannabaceae, and the aromas are very similar,” he told The Cannabist.

Gettin lifted at @coppermtn with a #Pinner #PinnerIPA #SipSipGive #CanIBeBlunt

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He promises that the unmistakable odor will hit you as soon as you sniff the beer. “We’ve enjoyed that because we like the smell of marijuana…and it resonates with our customers, who enjoy it as well,” he said. Unfortunately customers outside of Colorado and North Carolina will have to wait until the March 1 release to sniff, sip, and/or pass.

[via Grubstreet]