As if a million interviews calling out the double standard weren’t enough, Nicki Minaj is determined to do her part for the feminist cause by going where no female rapper has gone before: buying a stake in an alcohol brand. Surprising absolutely nobody, Minaj’s poison of choice is Moscato—specifically, Myx Fusion, the brand she name-dropped in her ridiculously awesome Ciara collaboration “I’m Out.”

Forbes points out that while other women in hip hop like Lil Kim have entered endorsement deals before, Minaj is the first to take it to the next level by actually becoming a co-owner in the vein of Jay-Z (Armand de Brignac) and Ludacris (Conjure Cognac). Minaj’s new business partner, Myx CMO Mona Scott-Young, praises Nicki as a “game-changer,” making her the perfect candidate to usher in “the women’s phase” of rapper-owned booze.

Hocking single serving bottles of peach-flavored wine might not strike most as a radical feminist action, but think about it: it’s 2013 and we’ve yet to have a female artist actually own a stake in an alcohol brand instead of acting as a figurehead, let alone a female rapper-cum-mogul figure along the lines of Jay-Z. And if profiting off getting people shwasted with ads that reference threesomes is wrong, we as Nicki fans don’t want to be right.

[via Forbes]