If you like beer and are planning to drink quite a bit of it on your next vacation, you may want to consider the average price of a pint in whatever city you’re traveling to. For instance, getting a beer in Geneva might require a bank loan, while you can drink freely in Krakow, where a beer will set you back $1.66 on average.

GoEuro, a site that helps you compare travel options across Europe, has just assembled a 2015 Beer Price Index. It ranks 75 cities around the globe on beer prices, averaging beer costs in both stores and bars. The lower the number, the more expensive beer is in that city.

beer price index US cities

That means, of U.S. cities, New York is the only one to crack the top 10 most expensive cities to have a beer. New York is the fourth most expensive city in the world to grab a pint. Only Oslo, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Geneva beat out NYC for leaving your wallet high and dry.

beer price index moxt expensive (bottom 10)

But nowhere in the U.S. is as inexpensive a place to get a cold one as Krakow, where the average price of a beer is $1.66. Cheers to that.

beer price index least expensive (top 10)

Here’s the full infographic so you can plan all your trips accordingly. You can view an enlarged version in multiple languages/currencies here.

beer price index full infographic

[via Go Euro, WSJ Speakeasy]