Nothing proves brand loyalty quite like naming your child after your favorite beer. And that’s exactly what Rooster McConaughey, brother of Matthew McConaughey and millionaire investor on the NBC show West Texans Investors Club, did.

According to TMZ, Rooster reportedly received a “lifetime supply” of Miller Lite after the brand learned the Texan named his son Miller Lyte after his favorite brew. (That “y” makes the name even classier.)

Take one down, pass it around. #ItsMillerTime

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This “lifetime supply” consisted of 24 cases of Miller Lite annually, which comes out to around 576 cans per year or 1.5 beers a day. That’s hardly a annual supply if you consider that the top 10 percent of alcohol drinkers consume an average of 74 drinks per week. We’d place Rooster in that group.

If you’re hoping you might one day be able to snatch a lifetime supply of your favorite food or drink by naming your baby after a brand, you’re in luck. Turns out, Miller Lite is not the first company to reward superfans willing to go above and beyond to prove their brand loyalty. Back in June, BJ’s restaurant announced a contest prize of $10,000 worth of food to anyone willing to name their baby Quinoa. All you had to do was prove it with a birth certificate.

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