By now, you may have heard of Bulletproof coffee, the butter-and-oil-infused coffee that Fast Company deemed “The new power drink of Silicon Valley.”

Some genius barista is now making Bulletproof coffee with cannabis oil. This marijuana-coffee experimentation is happening at a place called Trichome in Seattle, which bills itself as “a cannabis lifestyle shop.” A Sprudge blogger went to a cannabis coffee tasting at Trichome, and reported that it is a place where “coffee and weed dreams come true.”

For the event, Trichome barista David Craig brewed Batdorf & Bronson pour-over coffee, then blended in butter, oil, and cannabis with a handheld stirrer.

After drinking the cannabis coffee, Sprudge blogger “Spro & Dro” reported,

The Northwest Speedball was surging through me, and I could feel all the benefits of having just smoked some weed while still feeling awake and focused. I could get used to this.”

Although the THC’s effects were very much present, the cannabis flavor was absent from the drink. We can’t decide if this or cold brew made with whiskey—instead of water—is more genius.


Photo: Sprudge

[via Sprudge]

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