You don’t have to lie to us, we know you spike your cold brew with bourbon on those special occasions called Saturday, or when your boss is on vacation.

Now, an L.A.-based business called Fliquor Bean is steeping coffee with whiskey instead of water, to give you that caffeine jolt and whiskey fix at the same damn time. Founder Jerry Defazio, a New York native, has been working with a few different combinations of spirits and beans; he’s concluded that Stumptown’s Hair Bender mulled with Bowen’s California Whiskey is the best combo.

According to Sprudge, Fliquor Bean coffee concentrate (made with 90-proof whiskey) is best served directly over ice—but you can add some simple syrup and cream if that’s your style.


Defazio made claims on his Twitter that Fliquor Bean is a “magical cure for writer’s block” and is great for picnics, Irish funerals, and drinking alone. 

The startup has been around since last year, and is now awaiting federal approval for its signature product. All we know is, we need this in our pantry, fridge, desk drawer, breakfast table, dinner table, dresser…


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