Hangovers suck. That’s a universally-acknowledged truth.

And it’s also true that everyone and their mom has a family cure that alleviates head-pounding, dry-heaving, bleary-eyed morning-after sadness. Who knows: some of them probably even work.

Health site Greatist has put together their handy Complete Guide to Dealing with Hangovers infographic to give you some scientifically-backed ways to avoid and/or dispel your future hangovers.

The infographic works chronologically, from pre- to post-drinking.

It starts with your pre-drinking game:

hangover before heading out

Then it moves to what to do at the bar:

hangover at the bar

Then it tells you what to do when you come home. Note: we kind of doubt you’ll be in the mood to read when you come home from the bar, so you may want to read this before you head out for the night.

hangover returning home

The largest part of the infographic is spent on the aftermath. It gives specific instructions on things to do when you wake up.

A healthy breakfast is your first line of recovery.

hangover best bet breakfast

All sources for this information are cited at the end of the infographic, so you can see that everything presented is backed up with science. #FactsOnly

Stories and anecdotes are great, but when your head is pounding like mad and you can’t see straight, science is better at making that pain go away.

Check out the whole beautiful—and seriously useful—infographic here.hangover infographic


[via Design Taxi, Greatist]

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