It seems like popping the top and sipping on a hard-earned bottle of beer at the end of your day keeps getting more complicated. If your go-to is PBR or MGD, you probably don’t have too many worries—other than the merciless mocking of your craft beer-loving buddies. With even seemingly simple questions like, “is my Kirin still brewed in Japan? (Answer: no.)” rising up, it’s easy to get confused about seemingly simple beer questions.

To fan the flames, then came that infamous Budweiser Super Bowl ad that mocked craft beer and all it stands for, even though ABI has been buying craft brewers up since 2011. Of course craft beer fired back with a spoof ad, proving simultaneously that craft brewers collectively have a sense of humor, but also take what they do very seriously.

Then, shortly after that, Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione smartly pointed out that this was probably a great move for Bud as a brand, because you have to think of the brand separately from their parent company. The point is, the craft beer game keeps changing all the time, along with the Brewer Association’s definition of what constitutes an actual “craft brewer.”

With that in mind, VinePair created this excellent map to keep tabs on what companies actually make your beer. We think you should drink whatever beer makes you happy, but we also think you have a right to know exactly what you’re drinking.

This map makes it pretty simple, and what’s even more important is that VinePair keeps updating it as they gather more information.

beer company map key

Here’s the map, roughly broken down by region:

beer company map west coast beer company map co tx hi beer company map wi il mobeer company map east

Go here to view the full map, as well as all included notes and any updates that VinePair adds in the future.

[via VinePair, Laughing Squid]