What do music, sex, and alcohol have in common? They are all things that transcend language barriers and national borders, which may be one of the reasons they go together so well. This rather encyclopedic infographic illustrates how getting drunk really is a near-universal pastime, by comparing nearly 50 different types of booze from all over the globe.

The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes lays out the basic recipes for various kinds of hooch. Turns out you can make moonshine from a lot of the items in your pantry.

kefir kumis mead

Alcohol is made by fermenting sugar into ethanol, so fruit is an obvious base ingredient. You’re probably familiar with most of the apple and grape tipples on the list, but have you ever tried these tropical liquors?

tepache tiswin tonto

Another unusual ingredient that pops up a lot is plant sap; yet another good reason to save the trees.

arrack ogogoro pulque toddy

Check out the full infographic below, which you can use to play a game of alcoholic bingo with your friends. The person who has tried the most beverages on this list gets the dubious honor of Most Multicultural Drunkard—and should probably take a cab home.





[via Visual.ly]