Courvoisier may have fallen out of fashion with the hip-hop set, but many rappers are still about that cognac life. Now, however, they’re inking deals of their own rather than giving brands free advertising in their rhymes.

Case in point: Jay-Z has aligned the S. Carter brand with the Bacardi-produced D’USSÉ (pronounce dew-say, FYI), while Ludacris is pushing Conjure. Watching the ad spots for each spirit, though, it’s clear the two gentleman have different ideas about what sipping yak is all about.

Accompanied only by a cigar and a bottle, Jigga is contemplative and deliberate in his slow-motion video reel, which paints the portrait of an executive unwinding from his day, alone at the top of the world on some “heavy is the head that wears the crown”-type steez. The Bacardi-produced D’USSÉ is described as having notes of cinnamon, almond, and spice, with a honey and dried fruit finish. Jay-Z helped in the launch of the new cognac earlier this year.




Under the direction of Larenz Tate, Ludacris’ version of a spirits-swilling boss is more inclined to enjoy his cognac in public and with the company of others, namely beautiful women. In contrast to D’USSÉ, Conjure advertises “a bouquet of cedar, cocoa, and hazelnut.” As co-owner of Conjure, Ludacris was on hand to debut the brand three years ago.




To be honest, Luda’s vision of the cognac lifestyle looks like a lot more fun. Although we’d be lying if we said that most nights don’t end with us reenacting the Jay-Z ad—only with the corner office replaced by a small windowless room, and a few fingers of Wild Turkey in place of the D’USSÉ.

[via Rap-Up]