The Great American Beer Festival drew record numbers in Denver this weekend, according to NPR’s The Salt. The event lived up to its name with this year’s attendees given the enviable opportunity to sample 2,700 different beers from about 580 breweries across the United States—one one-ounce tasting portion at a time.

For some breweries, the festival is a chance to introduce their brands. The more established ones, like Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewery, attend to keep themselves relevant and in the loop about new trends. The fest on the whole is a testament to the boundary-pushing creativity of the American craft beer scene, both in terms of ingredients and techniques. No flavor seemed to be off-limits as brewers showcased ales made with jalapeño, Rocky Mountain oysters, and peanut butter.

The GABF also hosted a competition, with 84 ways to win a medal. The category of American-Style India Pale Ale generated the most interest with close to 203 submissions. San Luis Obispo’s Tap It Brewing took top honors with a gold medal. Find the database of all this year’s winners here.

[via NPR’s The Salt]