Like Hogwarts, you can file these beers under “shit we wish was real.” Designed by Anita Brown, the Harry Potter and the Beer series is a set of amazing brew labels that are a clever, punny take on the book titles themselves. Prisoner of Azkaban becomes “Pilsner of Azkaban” and Order of the Phoenix becomes “Porter of the Phoenix,” so on and so forth. Naturally, we are geeking out over these labels, since they are the convergence of four of our favorite things: beer, beer labels, Harry Potter, and puns.

Seeing as butterbeer is only available in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, these suds are perfect for the rest of us muggles. We just wish these labels weren’t simply an art project—to us, these beers seem like a Kickstarter project just waiting to be funded. Someone, please take initiative and make this happen.

Click through the gallery above to view beer labels inspired by our favorite wizard. 

[via Thrillist]