Guy Fieri’s empire shows no sign of cooling down—at least not in the near future. In fact, as The Press Democract reports, it will only continue to expand as the celebrity restaurateur becomes a member of the wine industry.

The publication looked into his foray into wine, which began last year when Fieri bought a five-acre vineyard. It was rich with pinot noir grapes under the Russian River Valley appellation. He sold grapes to Jackson Family Wines and Williams Selyem winery, both of which “have had long-term contracts to purchase grapes from the vineyard.”

That’s about the only official business Fieri can conduct right now with applications for additional projects currently undergoing review. He is seeking to build an Italian piazza on the property and host about 14 events on an annual basis.

Though he has yet to make wine from his varietals, he tells The Press Democrat to not rule out a bottle of Hunt and Ryde (named after his sons Hunter and Ryder) in the future.

[via The Press Democrat]