Take a look at the ad below, found in Toronto’s public transit system, the TTC:


At first glance, it looks like yet another clever bit of marketing from the brewing giant, which has created plenty of memorable beer advertising in the past—from the classic “Guinness For Strength” posters, to more recent TV spots featuring the sapeurs of the Congo.

This Canadian ad plays on the idea that, on St. Patrick’s Day, the shamrock takes over from the maple leaf for the day. The only problem is that the actual Irish symbol is a three-leaf clover, not the four-leaf version shown here.

According to Daily Edgean eagle-eyed local pointed out the issue to Guinness Canada via Facebook and got a response acknowledging the mistake.


We’re of two minds here: On the one hand, it seems that this is the type of thing that happens when your company gets too big and no one even knows what they’re selling any more. On the other hand, Guinness Canada’s social-media person seems super-friendly, so maybe going global isn’t so bad.

Either way, it’s yet another reminder not to let a bartender draw a clover in your Guinness foam—you probably can’t even trust ’em to get it right.

[via Huffington Post Canada]