Driving with animals can be both a joy and a pain. On the bright side, you have an adorable seat partner to keep you company on long drives, but on the down side, you can never predict what the animal might get up to.

Early Tuesday morning, a Bud Light truck driver overturned his vehicle after his dog distracted him, causing the truck to flip over and spill hundreds of Natty Light cans across the highway. 


According to the Tampa Bay Times, the crash happened on the I-75 highway outside the Florida town of Brooksville. The 23-year-old driver, Malcolm Jamal Wilcox, was ticketed for careless driving after he collided with the center median, causing his vehicle to overturn. Florida Highway Patrol states that after his puppy distracted him, he drifted over to the side of the road, causing the driver to make a hard turn and crash.

When Wilcox was questioned about the incident, he blamed his puppy for his own reckless driving. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

[via Tampa Bay Times]