In Russia and Poland, vodka is a standard part of everyday life. Early on, Eastern Europeans realized that vodka easily takes on the flavor of whatever ingredient it’s infused with, so they began infusing their vodka with a few herbs and spices, as well as various berries, lemon, and even pine extract.

Today, cash-hungry brand’s have exploited vodka’s blank-canvas quality in a most abominable manner. For decades, sickly sweet fruit-flavored vodka has been marketed to college freshmen looking for a quick shot that goes down easy without a chaser. But there are vodka flavors out there way more disturbing than passion fruit and strawberry. Wasabi vodka, whipped cream, Cinnabon vodka…the list seems to get stranger by the day.

You can scoff at these flavored vodkas, or you can embrace their kitschiness and dream up equally disgusting cocktails to make with them—which is what we’ve done here. Why not concoct a Lox Cocktail with Smoked Salmon Vodka? Or make a Sushi-tini out of wasabi-flavored vodka? The opportunities are endless when you’ve got a bottle of insane-flavored vodka in your hands.

Check out the 10 most absurd vodka flavors, as well as ideas for equally horrifying cocktails you can craft with them.