The people over at Burger King Spain have introduced the first-ever “Whopper Wine,” a drink specifically crafted as an ode to the fast-food chain’s infamous burger. The wine has been flame-grilled using Burger King broilers and aged in wooden barrels, giving it a taste to perfectly compliment the Whopper, according to BK.

Those looking to get their hands on the chain’s first-ever wine endeavor can win a pack of 40 bottles in return for submitting a story about a memorable moment at Burger King. We’re thinking these hooligans should enter the contest.

Although the “Whopper Wine” is the chain’s first attempt at a BK-themed alcoholic beverage, back in 2010, Burger King introduced the idea of a “Whopper Bar,” where customers could get hammed while stuffing their faces with burgers. Additionally, Burger King Japan introduced a “Whopper fragrance,” which some have claimed smells like tacos.


Photo: Burger King via High Snobiety

The introduction of a fast-food wine is not a new concept. South American McDonald’s restaurants offer small bottles of wine to compliment the meal.

Bottoms up, burger fans.

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