Australian scientists are developing an answer to the age-old question: How can I drink heavily without the hangover?

According to, researchers are attempting to minimize beer-drinkers’ morning-after woes by adding electrolytes to brews.

Associate professor Ben Desbrow of Griffith University says that adding sodium to low- or mid-strength beer improves fluid retention and maintains hydration.

“Beer itself is not what I would call a dehydrator, but it’s
a very poor rehydrator”

Desbrow believes this could improve “cognitive function” after drinking, in addition to reducing the normal symptoms of a nasty hangover.

While an endless supply of companies continue to claim they’ve developed the ultimate hangover cure, data shows that their methods may fall short. Recent research trials found that the addition of electrolytes “assisted hydration in low-alcohol beer, but had no significant effect in full-strength beer,” which means Double IPA enthusiasts and other high ABV drinkers will still have to suffer the consequences.

But hey, it’s a start. Cheers to more beer drinking—and less hangovers—in 2015.


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