It probably won’t surprise you to hear that we get a lot of ridiculous press releases at First We Feast—just today, we got one for Wolfpack, “an app geared towards guys making male friends.” SMH!

Once in a while, they are too intriguing to ignore, though. Take the Hangover Club, a high-end service that promises to save you from morning-after misery by sending a nurse to hook you up with a nutrient-laden IV drip. You can get them to come to you at your apartment or office, or you can hop on a “limo bus” that scoops up ailing mooks at “sports bars around NYC.” From the release:

The Hangover Club offers three packages ranging from $175-250 dollars and each drip is a cocktail of liquid nutrients and vitamins, electrolyte charge fluids, and liquid RX strength pushes of pain and anti-nausea medicines, amongst other boosters…. The Hangover Club’s client is a fast paced New Yorker (typically an affluent male) who can’t afford to feel hungover with their busy schedule.

Naturally, after reading this, we insisted that one of our young and spritely office mates, Complex staff writer Frazier Tharpe, go out and get hammered, then test out the service the next day.

Did it work? Watch the video above to find out.