Yesterday, Forbes reported on a new study claiming that a “second or third cup” of coffee may reduce various health risks, like diabetes and heart disease. Now, thanks to a new brand called Death Wish Coffee, you may be able to all the oomph of a two servings of joe in one mug.

Death Wish packs twice the amount of caffeine as the average cup, making it the coffee equivalent of a Double IPA.

Not your typical pumpkin coffee. Keep your eye out for this, ladies and gentlemen. #deathwishcoffee

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According to Eater, Saratoga Coffee Traders owner Mike Brown created a special blend that he believes to be the strongest brew on the market. He spent weeks traveling to various countries, sampling different beans, and tasting brews to find this perfect combination.

In a taste test done by The Huffington Post, writer Andy Campbell sampled the beverage and found that although it had an atrocious taste, he felt “pretty high” after two cups—all without the side effects of shaky hands.

Death Wish is not the first caffeinated product to pack a double dose of caffeine into its product. Those looking to get the same effects of coffee without downing a whole pot of joe can opt for a caffeinated peanut butter, which has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee per two tablespoons.

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